Structural Steel Drafting & Detailing

We have an accurate estimating process in place based on our in-depth market knowledge of steel construction costs and man-hour calculations. We provide :

  • Anchor Bolts and Leveling plates
  • Embed Plates and Angles
  • Columns, Beams and Bracings (Erection/Framing plans at all Floors and Roof with shop drawings)
  • Elevations with all Bracing and its connection details
  • Sections with all Field work information Like Field Bolting and Welding

Our services are complete with Material lists, NC& DXF files for members, KSS files and Shop/field bolt list


We look towards providing accurate structural drafting and error free detailing services complete with plans and shop drawings for :

  • Advance Bill of Material (ABM)
  • Material take-offs generated from 3D modeling software's
  • List of drawings/Reports carried out for Commercial & Industrial Structures

We provide competitive bids on all types of projects without guess work in our estimation, ensuring that each job is worked on specific man hour cost, item method and is accurate.

Steel Connection Design and Joist & Deck

We provide full structural steel connection design services for structural steel fabricators. We design structurally efficient connections that are easily fabricated and erected.

We also provide accurate designing & drafting services for

  • Joist Modeling, Layout & Joist listing
  • Deck layouts & Deck listing

Architectural Miscellaneous

  • Stair Erection Plan & Elevations with all shop drawings for stairs, Rails, Landing Frames & Its supports
  • Ladder layout with shop drawings for Elevator pit ladder, Roof access ladder & Cage ladders
  • Handrails and Guardrails Layouts with shop drawings
  • Gratings and Floor Plates Layouts with shop drawings
File type for Shipment
  • Drawing Files(.dwg extensions)
  • DXF Files(.dxf extensions)
  • DWF Files(.dwf extensions)
  • Plot Files(.plt extensions)
  • PDF Files(.pdf extensions)
  • Tiff Files(.tif extensions)
  • CNC Files(.nc1 and DSTV)
  • KISS Files(.kss extensions)
Electronic Data Interchange
  • VRML
  • VRML Web Review
  • XML
  • CIS/2
  • Steel Detailing Neutral File (SDNF)
  • PML
  • Bill Interchange Format (BIF)